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Introduction to Falco-Nidea : Atrau

Update 5/30/2012: The artwork on this page was chosen from deviantart.com. The background image is titled Into The Forest – by Dreamca7cher , and the header is the same picture only cropped in to fit the smaller space  – to see more artwork by this person click here.

Comparable to Que-Gnarra : Liam, Falcar : Atrau is the second book based in the world of Aorix, though (at this point) it has nothing to do with Que-Gnarra : Liam other than their shared world and a single overlapping character.

A little over a year ago, Atrau’s parents died. Since then he has rebuilt his parents’ home to a near-extravagant degre, rebuilt the home of the city leader, and gained the title of master carpenter; all in a little more than a year.

Now, with his eyes on a blacksmith title, Atrau has seemingly found the next great distraction from the apparently random death of his parents. In addition to that, Atrau has joined the Watchers – a group of men and women dedicated to protecting the city from as little as petty crime, to as much as an army of dragons. Atrau chose the distraction of training with the Watchers to strengthen his body and reflexes.

Tackling such a large work-load has never been attempted in Atrau’s city, especially not by a Watcher, who is supposed to be solely devoted to the security of the city. Not only does Xion, the leader of the city, now think less of Atrau, but Xion is putting pressure on him to join the ranks of the Watchers so that he can be controlled.

With an air of taboo protecting him, Atrau has chosen to be ostracized; preferring the solitude of having almost no friends along with no family. But, when Lios, a friend of his parents, starts going on about the illegal subject of magic, Atrau’s new comfortable life of solitude is thrown into chaos because of complicating relationships, alienating alliances, and impossible decisions.

Did I mention his entire village is built in trees? Literally a hundred feet from the ground, give or take. Did I mention Atrau’s ability to read word-for-word what people are thinking, as well as their emotions and their general mood? Yeah. Just wait. Those aren’t even close to the most interesting details revealed in chapter one. Give it a shot, see what you think, and leave a comment or two.

The World of Aorix – soon to come     Aorix Mapped Out – soon to come

Atrau Ch. 1                                       Atrau Ch. 2

Atrau Ch. 3                                       Atrau Ch. 4

Atrau Ch. 5                                       Atrau Ch. 6

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